The purpose of the Man Crush Fan Club is to promote the guys that the rest of us guys like. These are the men who we emulate and with whom we'd like to hang out at the bar to watch the game. Certainly, most of these guys have their own fan clubs run by rabid fans or females, but this site is different and better somehow, just like the guys we like to like. 

You don't have to join or receive an annoying newsletter to be a member of the Man Crush Fan Club. You don't have to order any products or employ an exclusive login for adult content. This isn't some secret society that will hurt you and your loved ones if you divulge too much. We have no secrets here--our man crushes are right out there for the world to see and are not at all awkward. 

Each Man Crush will have a description, a photo (for the ladies), and a Candle-in-the-Wind-Totally-Arbitrary-and-Subjective-Rating. Enjoy!

5 Candles = Man Crush King

4 Candles = Crushin Hard

3 Candles = Kinda Crushin

2 Candles = Diet Crush

1 Candle = Blah